Why It Is Important to Consult a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Depending on the circumstances, a domestic violence attorney in Santa Ana can help a client fight for reduced charges and possibly a no-jail sentence. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, it is important to consult an attorney right away to ensure that your rights are protected.

The consequences of domestic violence can be very severe. First time offenses can result in significant jail time, while a felony conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence. In addition, a conviction may prevent you from having custody of your children. Also, a restraining order from a court can separate you from your spouse for years.

An experienced attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes. He or she will be able to navigate the legal system, and craft the best possible defense. It is also essential to have an attorney that has experience with domestic violence case law. The attorney will also know how prosecutors think and can negotiate for a plea deal.

A Santa Ana Domestic Violence Attorney in CA may also be able to assist you in obtaining a restraining order from the court. A restraining order can affect your future, such as your employment, child custody, and spousal support. A restraining order may also require you to leave your home. The court may order you to stay 100 yards away from your alleged victim. You may also be required to stay away from your children, which can be extremely stressful. A restraining order is not a license to break the law.

In addition to a restraining order, a victim of domestic violence may petition the court for a protective order, which can be granted by the prosecutor. The prosecutor can request that you stay away from your alleged victim at all times, or that you stay away from your children at all times. These orders are not always granted and may be granted for a variety of reasons.

The court will then determine if the offense is classified as a felony or misdemeanor. Misdemeanor charges are often dismissed, but felony charges can carry jail time of up to three years. If you are convicted of domestic violence, you are also required to complete one year of counseling. In addition, you will have to perform community service.

If you or someone you love has been accused of domestic violence, it is important to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Domestic violence can be a very traumatic experience. Taking the right steps will help you avoid a conviction and help you to get back on your feet.

A Santa Ana Domestic Violence Attorney will fight for the best possible outcome for you and your family. He or she will protect your reputation, and will work to protect your freedom. A restraining order is not something that you should take lightly, and a reputable attorney will help you protect your rights.

An experienced domestic violence attorney in Santa Ana can help you get your life back on track after a domestic violence charge. The attorney will be able to fight to reduce your charges and help you get back to living a normal life.